Glue Pot

Plemons Glue Systems have been going through some changes and we are happy to now offer an all digital temperature control glue system. We are very happy to have found a solution to excessive recalibration and premature heater burnout. The new digital thermostat control adds a whole new level of life expectancy and reduced cost. The use of RTD type sensors provides a accurate & consistent temperature readings. With proper maintenance and care your Plemons glue system will operate for years.

We not only changed our thermostats but have gone through and reworked our pumps to offer a more efficient low leakage all mechanical unit that can be expanded upon to meet the most intense glue feeding demands.

Plemons Glue Systems come standard will all new machine sells and can meet the demand of the most intense production schedules. A Plemons Glue system is a great alternative to an expensive Nordson system, long term and short term savings that are had by going with a Plemons Glue system wont disappoint.

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