Plemons Machinery Doesn't Make Their Own Parts!

Have you heard this one?

March 1, 2001 -- This is the compliment our competition is giving us about our business practices. It is true, Plemons doesn't make their own parts, and here is why. From a superb network of quality vendors, we receive at least three bids for every part that we purchase. We analyze each of these bids for cost, quality of manufacture and lead time. From this criteria we decide on which vendor we will purchase from. This gives us an advantage for cost reduction, as well as a network of secondary vendors for every part purchased. We are never at the mercy of machinery downtime, raw material supplies or quantity of parts. Also we do not have to pass the costs of defective parts along to the customer, the vendor is responsible for this cost. This philosophy also applies to "buyout parts" as well as manufactured parts. Plemons Machinery has been "outsourcing" since 1986, before "outsourcing" became a common practice. This has allowed us to keep our costs down, passing the savings along to our customers. As of this writing, Plemons Machinery has had only two price increases totaling 15% since 1986. We are able to do this by NOT MAKING OUR OWN PARTS. Our prices for machinery, as well as replacement parts, are as much as 30% below our nearest competitors. We stock approximately 95% of the replacement parts needed at all times. We stock replacement parts for our competitors machines as well. Call us for a price quote! We will cross reference their part numbers for you.

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