Time Delay Drive System

The Time Delay Drive System is a simple yet effective way which has increased the productivity and forgiveness of our packaging machinery. Originally used for waxed poultry box applications, (allowing for a longer compression time to help bond curtain coated boxes), we have since realized a major improvement after making it standard equipment on our formers.

Hot melt adhesives work by way of heat dissipation. The faster you dissipate the heat the faster the bond. Also, in order to get the optimum bond of two pieces of corrugated material, the heat must dissipate equally into both substrates. To achieve this on a box forming machine the cycle speed must be of a medium to rapid cycle. Since the hot melt is being applied onto one surface of the corrugated, the box must be formed quickly to allow the hot melt to dissipate the heat equally to the other material to be bonded. With the Time Delay, the machine can then be delayed in the compression area in sync with line demand.

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