Definition of a Bliss Box

A bliss box is a three piece shipping container consisting of a one body matt and two end panels bonded together using hot melt, cold adhesive or a combination of both. These components are generally die cut. Being made of three components allows a versatility not enjoyed by other designs. Different board grades and flutes can be used in either the body wrap or end panels to achieve superior compression strength to other box designs such as RSC.

Shown below is an illustration of the advantages of the compression strength of a bliss box over an RSC with the same board grade used in each.

Design Advantage over RS
Bliss w/diagonal corner flanges 5%
Bliss w/square cut corners flanges 10%
Bliss w/diagonal cut corner flanges and internal flange (3" - 5") 30 - 60%
Bliss w/square cut corner flanges and internal flange (3" - 5") 45 - 70%

With an added advantage of having a solid bottom, the opportunity of using different board grades and/or flutes can result in significant material savings without sacrificing box performance. As you will see below, various sealing or closure methods are also an added advantage of the bliss box.

Bliss Box Designs

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